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When you call the office or get a call from the office, you are talking to one of our "call managers."  Sometimes it may seem that you get a different person every time you call the office, but our call managers share an advanced computer and communications system and have access to all your previous contacts and any issues you may have.  If you would like to put a face to the voice on the phone, click here.

The call managers are the voice of Nauset Neighbors. They answer the phone in our “virtual office” and collectively operate our organization on a daily basis. We have no paid staff. Call managers have interesting and varied responsibilities. They get to know the members and volunteers well.

Call managers work a four hour shift, usually at a regular time each week, and meet monthly to discuss members and their needs, share best practices and consider improvements to our process.  They communicate with each other via a web based tool called "Club Express" that was designed to help operate "villages" like ours, and through detailed logs of all actions taken. 
On their shift, call managers may receive a request for a service and enter the service request in the database which also posts the request online. The request automatically includes special considerations that volunteers should be aware of (based on observations from earlier volunteers). Most requests are filled online, and automatically confirmed with an email to the member and volunteers.  We usually phone the member to let them know the service is filled.  Call managers email or call volunteers to fill the request, when necessary. 

Call managers also respond to questions from the general public, providing information to potential members and volunteers, and confirm services with members after they are filled.

We have a corps of about eighteen call managers, but are always looking for more. 


Call Managers



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